SWAGGYLions Club End of April Update

Joe Royalty "The Curator"
1 min readApr 28, 2022


As we continue to develop SLC and all required applications around the collection, we are also working on bringing more community engagement. The following so far has been successful!

Community Twitter Spaces

When it comes down to our community spaces, this is our most consistent item of communication and bonding time. Usually every other night we host a space to educate what is happening this week in NFTs in general such this weeks major dipp in metaverse land, will Sanbox and Decentral-land recover? We also host them for our poker nights and game nights just because keep the convo going on one platform.

Game Nights

As of this week we started both system and mobile game nights. In the future we will create some horizon land activities via oculus so we can do things like zombies in the metaverse or board games while broadcasting via metaverse.

Poker Nights

Usually twice a week we give away NFTs while playing poker via our discord voice channel , we figured out a way to display a visual poker or chess game while being live in voice channel everyone can participate via desktop .

Dev Updates:


Our DAPP has official been completed by Joe Royalty "The Curator" as head developer creating the shuffle of all layers, the smart contract, and now the DAPP and website.

Website: www.swaggylioinsclub.io

Our website is now live and active! ready to go MINT IS CURRENTLY CLOSED Start working on your whitelisting www.swaggylioinsclub.io




Joe Royalty "The Curator"

A hard-headed but selective curator among the NFT Collectors that always has something to say. My goal is #WAGMI for those reading.