Joe Royalty "The Curator"
3 min readJul 7, 2022

The Feeling is Amazing:

The Mint is Live! Joe Royalty founder of SLCNFT sits back and watches the mints come in from SLC VIP Passes to the official SWAGGYLIONS CLUB NFT activity rolling in. The question in the back of Joe’s mind is… Is this enough? “Why could I not sell out in 10 mins or 5 hours like previous collections I was apart of, or sponsored.“ The answer is at the end of the day every project is different. This beautiful project is and will be a “SLOW BURN” meaning yes it will hold its value and gain some in the long term! (Personal Overlook) Refusing to do paid marketing only wanting this project to be a word of mouth self-sustaining ecosystem, we have to accept the fact moving forward it may take some time to sell all 5,555. But it can and will be done as WE DO have some of the best utilities as well as a focused team, and these utilities are ALREADY IN ACTION unlike false promised roadmaps.


The Reminder:

Remember this before you FUD my special family. We already have a mining facility under-contract for 10 years, with miners active before the creation of this beautiful masterpiece that you are all apart of or watching. The roadmap is a promising 7–10 year vision that will slowly come to fruition from mining, active-staking, and animated shorts all the way to PLAY2EARN SandBoxGame Land. The vision has started. Do not hid behind the first day mint count not being a sell out have faith as we grow this powerhouse club together!

White Paper Reminder: https://medium.com/@jdroyalty/swaggylions-club-slc-bc1fcc19953f

UPDATES: Whats Next!

Step 1: Take care of the community! We still have missions, goals and promises to keep! For every individual that has purchased an SLC-VIP Pass, I have decided to extend the discounted item for 1 Week in doing this individuals and early believers can ape into our “mining program” early and start earning rewards as soon as the 18th of this month! Unlock the SWAGGYLION Section to those who hold the role so all alpha can officially be seen by holders and our private discussions can happen aside from the public :) . The Traders Corner will open for holders !

Step 2: I would like to propose a vote to current holders about using the current funds towards marketing acquired within the contract to purchase and pursue marketing and influencers for a boost in mints and community power! In doing so the message itself will be more powerful and our reach will expand to those who NEED to see us! The ads will be Twitter , Tik Tok, and Instagram Based Ads. I noticed listings are not as powerful as they use to be. The outcome will be posted publicly in our holders chat .

Step 3: Begin the foundation development of our DAPP proposal for the community “THE BIG PROJECT PHASE 2”, start seeking sandboxgame land. Formation and creation of our staking platform will begin regardless of the mint count currently to be prepared for glory and the continuation of creating a wonderful discord gamified environment with perks .

Proposals : swaggylionsclub@gmail.com



Joe Royalty "The Curator"

A hard-headed but selective curator among the NFT Collectors that always has something to say. My goal is #WAGMI for those reading.