SWAGGYLIONS CLUB: Update September

Joe Royalty "The Curator"
2 min readSep 21, 2022





SLCNFT has a mining facility contract currently active in the state of New York. Within this mining facility holds SLC-Miners that will mine directly to two SLC specified mining wallets. One wallet will be for ERGO mining, and another will be for Ethereum Cash ETC mining . At the end of every month, a snapshot of the holders will be taken. Those who have 10 SLCNFTs or more, will be rewarded for being a longterm holder of the project. The holder of the 10+ SLCNFTs must have the NFTs in one wallet adding up to 10 or more. The holder can have multiple wallets with 10+ SLCNFTs. Each wallet with 10+ will be rewarded automatically on the 18th of the month. Once again the minimum to receive the funds automatically is 10 NFTs in 1 Wallet. One holder has the ability to attain as many SLCNFTs as that one holder pleases in-order to stack the holders rewards. Rewards are sent to holders of 10+ or more SLCNFTs on the 18th of every month to the wallet holding the 10+ SLCNFTs and will be paid in ETH or ETC. The time frame for the SLCNFT Mining Ability is 7–10 Years. (Lifespan of current miners purchased 2021)


Newly added to the Utility list, SLCNFT will now educate newcomers and holders on the best ways to use the Polygon Network, a Layer-2 Solution to Ethereum Mainnet. Within the Polygon Ecosystem and MRC-20 tokens, you will find many great decentralized applications, and platforms that are basically printing money or very entertaining and useful! We notice polygon has a heavy focus on building around the gaming and de-fi space and haver acted on this for the community. You now have the ability to learn all about it and how to properly use these web3 products via Polygon.


We have officially launched our Live Gallery of SWAGGY Lions on Spatial feel free to hangout anytime! Overtime you will notice our gallery evolve and change into different environments and feature different NFT Artists! Click for gallery


A new way to interact with the community we have decided to partner with CREW to bring to you quest which gives you the ability to earn incentives in the form of crypto, merchandise, or art! Click for SWAGGYQuests

Snapshot.org Governance

After the purchase of the ENS name swaggylions.eth we have decided to use the 3rd party SnapShot.org as our governance until we build our own internally integrated to the website. So for now in order to vote using your web3 wallet and also must have one SLCNFT minimum to vote. Click here to vote.



Joe Royalty "The Curator"

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